Sunday, June 01, 2014

Standing On The Edge Where She's Alone~

A shaft of moonlight
descend on the pitch-black night
coax him into seeing its way..
He gropes to the ledge of the window
Watches his mother- dejected, embittered, lonely
sitting with arms around her knees in the doorway
 surveying her yesteryears…
Death of her husband doomed her to this misery.
His heart goes tripping for the first time…
It longs to pull her close to his warm shoulders
and talk …. talk …. talk…. talk
about the long journey- that…signals raw pain
Mind must speak about the inner plights
…. the wrestle with sickness and Death
has after all come to a halt.

The cruel wind pinches his eyes
Clearly their relationship
Has grown past hate and bitterness,
Years back, he wouldn't have dared look into her eyes;
Maybe, wouldn't have stayed this long either…
Things always ended somewhat short of destination…
                 ….with his angrily walking out
And her screams and heart rending sobs…
His heart chokes!

Her frame seems calm now… tight
A gust of wild wind sweep him 
Like a straw-free and undisputed towards her
He shuffles forward, sinks near her lap; 
Whispers: ' I'm by your side, I'll be there with you'.
His Mother's voice echoes...
‘I’m ever barren, ever-lonely’
Shock waves float through his body- he rises, gaping! 
Neglect mount to indifference
Makes human existence complete nonsense, futile…

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 Emotional abuse is one of the most prevalent forms of abuse of women by their intimate family and its damage is unquestionably severe, undermining a woman's sense of worth and independence.


  1. ugh...those last hard....emotional abuse or neglect is such a horrible thing...painful...

    1. Thanks Brian for reading. Part of the reason is so easy for people to overlook! Its sad..and painful indeed.
      Good to see you always. :)

  2. What a painfully difficult life. Tragic for those who live it.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary for being here. Survivor of such abuse often have a hard time. I recently met someone who is actually going through it...hence, the lines just poured . Indifference and neglect actually have a deep and profound effect on the self image and confidence of a person...sad indeed.
      Good to have you here always :)

  3. Such a powerful portrait you paint - the amount of pain she endured is palpable, and the son's efforts seemingly come too late. Very sad, Panchali. I hope the son perseveres and their relationship begins to heal.

  4. Emotional abuse is indeed terrible and leaves invisible, yet real, scars on those who suffer.

  5. Too late, he is, but he watches--maybe to learn and to help other men see the abuse and the loneliness of women.

  6. A sad snapshot of the truth. Well written.

  7. The beautifully crafted but sad lines pluck the heart strings of readers to empathize with the old woman at her plight.

  8. Very sad and heart touching.

  9. So true that loneliness is a bitter living death. If only we never had to regret.

  10. Lovely. I would say emotional abuse is the most neglected thing that causes immense harm to not only to women but also to kids and men. The perpetrators of such abuse are often close or so called blood relatives who don't understand the impact of such words. Even a single word can singe a person for life and build in insecurity in a person. For example, it is said that Indira Gandhi was deeply offended and hurt during her childhood when she was branded ugly by a close relative (lets not name her as she had refused saying so and as she is no more). Indira Gandhi is said to have struggled to come out of that.

  11. I am not feeling emotional abuse in your poem rather a beautiful reconciliation between a mother and her son after many years of misunderstanding and conflict. This is a positive beautiful scene where hearts are softened and healing love is the winning influence.

  12. That is sad .. i can only hope and pray that people dont go through this at all


  13. the realisation came very can he ever fill that barrenness? lovely lines!!

  14. very painful lines...beautifully written...a life once neglected turned indifferent...:(

  15. Glad to read this post drawing attention to emotional abuse of older women.

  16. I liked your initiative to confront this topic before everyone. Beautifully conveyed.

  17. Very touching and highlighting various aspects of a relationship, especially loved the oscillation of the emotions back and forth in time.

  18. The lines are so touching ! Emotional abuse is truly heart rending and when its one's own parents, its even more so.
    Before I knew where it was leading it, I really liked the way you have portrayed the loneliness of a spouse when the other passes away.

  19. Emotional Abuse!! something to be talked about...
    nicely portrayed allegorically...

  20. They say time heals, but I guess it heals only if love surrounds us...


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