Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Owl

This pic is by John Haines

night summons me to her darkness
when the rest of the birds end their songs,
Days are not mine, nights are
An usurp solitude
 camouflaged against the earthy shadows;
    -- reawakens repeatedly every night
A daily struggle for a morsel of living;
Ah, a pygmy owl on its haunches is..
    -Trapped for eternity...

The breeze imitates my hoots
tall green trees curl up in chilling night
The flitting fireflies, the cry of the jackals
add more to the afterdark melee...
I jump and dive, swooping only
to target creatures made for my delight
To grab and destroy...
Within boundaries of human existence
They call it...Life.

Written for : Poets united:Verse First


  1. I especially like the voice of the owl and how she feels the breeze imitates her hoots. You give a complete picture.

  2. Panchali,what a beautiful poem on one of the most detested creatures! The words sound lyrical.I loved the line ' Days are not mine, nights are
    An usurp solitude.'

  3. I especially love the scene imagined in the second verse..........I so love owls! There is a quote by Nikki Scully: Owls are doorways into the unknown.

  4. is life...i like how you capture it in its myriad of detail, particularly in that second stanza...

  5. Lovely poem. Reminded me of Ted Hughes.

  6. lovely...I loved the last lines...amazing poetry dude!! I am sharing this on my FB walla

  7. Nice one Panchali..a perfect imagery of life :-)

  8. Oh Panchalidi you've made darkness so attractive with sound and vision...even the killing is so gracefully done...

  9. from the owls mouth. Life! could be so divergent from the other eye!

  10. Love the owl's voice! unique.


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