Friday, November 01, 2013

Autumn October~

Walking towards horizon, sludge squelching underfoot;
My conscience coax me to seeing something
       -wondrous are nature's sights- an eerie calm descends; 
A movement among the pebbles; running of feet toss about- 
       i am kind of lost on the way; 
              ..........I squint my eyes, gaze into the distance
Few yards away the water suddenly evaporates; 
               a spire of smoke blurs my vision
                         Wind gets stronger, wilder from all directions
        Clatter, clatter, thud, thud- sound of the horse’s hooves, 
               and footsteps turn the ambiance hellish
                  The penumbra- dense and dark keeps moving; tugs at me
                     ….motes of disturbed dust rise; 
                             My mystery hero leaps out!
        Rivulets of sweat pour down my face
                 it is good to be left with a satisfying mystery; so
                 I hold my breath, lauding my insatiable heart
         - I pray, ‘God, give me patience, strength..
          Let me connect, and listen to his tales’;
Slowly the dark clouds suck out all the light; fog steams the strand
         And we fall into each other's net--the spirit casts his spell 
                    The darkness deepens- I am unable to move...
          He looks at me; laughs hysterically- things start changing soon
Sounds of the clattering hooves, footfalls of his boots start receding…
             Soft lights curl up along the waterfront...
The blood-red boulders face-up; the river begins to breathe
                          Stirs up the slow ripples on the surface
       Silhouetted figure turns to the shoreline
                ….and vanish deep in the night
I remember the island that has gone under
Enchanting are these outworldly forces..


  1. love this ambience of mystery,horror and sadness......

  2. That opening line... sludge squelching underfoot... hooked me!

  3. Wonderful. You are too good.

  4. I'm delighted. I really enjoyed it.
    Greetings from Polish far.

  5. Hmm... quite an ambiance you've created there.

  6. whew. i think i would rather the nature...the bit of peace you return to there in the end...with the boulder and water....enchanting indeed...smiles.

  7. Loved the poem and Panchaliji you are too good.

  8. Good flow of words!
    Nice read.

  9. Panchali, I really enjoyed the scene that you created here! Wonderful images. Not easy to do exactly 31 lines either. Smiles.

  10. Wow ... a perfect composition ... love the enigma of the mystery hero :-)

  11. You have a fantastic imagination & equally vibrant descriptive powers Panchali.

  12. A mystical scene well presented. Imaginative and a captivating read. :-)

  13. Loved the emotions beautifully penned down !

  14. Lovely selection of words, Panchali:)


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