Sunday, September 08, 2013

Rorschach's image~

i stretch the cloth-it looks like
a frame of a wide world
         fastened with
 powerful pins of my mind
Picking colors
I daub…daub; the colors
mix and spread
        make patterns,
swirl along the fabric
it's a mental effort-
  creating such centuries old craft
         A batik work!
 My instincts lead me
        without synchronizing,
               without any plans; softly
        set heavens alight 
The paintings are
                       full of lines,
                           flattering and heckling... 
Thousand rainbows 
                  bulge over; full of blotches
but they artfully
                        blot and 
                               blend again finally etch-
       Not a single drop   
   Penetrates the wax
Till I crack the veins myself
                        The succeeding echoes….
Are for everyone to marvel!!

  Technically, my mind didn't work hard at imposing meaning on the images. It felt more like a tarot reading, than a proper psychometric test! Smiles...I used to do a lot of batik work once upon a time. So, Rorschach inkblot images brought back those memories…  

[Batik is a very old art form from Indonesia, South Eastern Asia, that consists of wax painting and fabric dye-ing, to create beautiful designs that can be worn, hung on the wall, or used for pillowcases and sheets.  In this dyeing method, designs and patterns are first traced on fabric with hot liquid wax. Then several colors are used, with a series of waxing, dyeing, and drying steps… The most interesting part is to create the "crack" effect on the fabric by balling up, and crushing the fabric. The cracked-wax sections have veins of the color in them...]
My creation- a bed cover

The idea behind the Rorschach, or indeed any projective measure, is that when presented with an ambiguous stimulus, we will project our own unconscious feelings, desires, fears, and/or wishes on it


  1. ooo i like your bed cover...smiling at it seeming to be more a tarot reading...our instincts will lead us through if we just let them have the reigns, for sure...

    1. hahaha....Tarot aids in coming in contact with the impending doom, Brian!LOL..The instincts are the passions. Thus, help us to connect in many ways!
      I am glad, I could flaunt my artwork. Smiles..
      Thanks a zillion, for that wonderful comment.

  2. all art I guess depends to an extent on such self-excavation.well penned.


  3. love your creation Panchalidi.....both words and color.....

  4. so -- I think this makes you feel creative - art-filled.

  5. I love how you saw batik in the inkblot! I've always wondered how those gorgeous designs were made! I love the lines " a frame of a wide world/ fastened with powerful pins of my mind." This could apply to any artistic endeavor! Thanks for playing!

  6. Love this gorgeous word spill, and your batik piece is just beautiful.

  7. I've never seen this type of art. It's gorgeous. And your bed cover is stunning! I loved the was as layered and textured as the art itself.

  8. Both pieces are exquisite Panchali! You are a very talented lady.

  9. Batik would certainly work for the image you chose. :)

  10. Your art definitely is impressive. It must feel so good to create such a work of beauty. I do like how you described the process.

  11. Nicely flowing poem, the cover - unique ~ creatively connected poem and image

  12. Your bed cover is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wowzers. I enjoyed the poem too. To me, this blot looks like a sort of ball gown with a skeleton inside. Yoiks!

  13. Of course! Batik! An incredibly lovely poem ...

  14. Oh, I love the "powerful pins of my mind"

    Gorgeous bed cover-I love the idea of wax and the inspiration
    within! Very fun to read~

  15. that bed cover is so beautiful Di. Loved your imagination of that inkblot transmuting into batik prints. Cannot deny the flow of it in the same vein~!:)

  16. Lovely words! Yes, the Batik paintings are an absolute delight!

  17. You are multitalented Ma'am!! Loved your poem and creation too! Great visiting you after long time :)

  18. Such intricate & well executed batik--you are a master of this craft Panchali!!!!

  19. I had another comment and it disappeared.

    My sister does Batik. I love the artistic process of creation.

    Thanks for coming by. I am missing my horses.

  20. I followed this description completely to watch the artful smudges adhere and reveal life and light. A wonderful association from Rorschach, one that leaves the little inkblot way behind.

  21. I do admire the art of batik weaving & have seen someone actually doing it ~ Really enjoyed this ~

  22. Loved the bed cover ... beautifully designed :-)

  23. Your poetry is flawless and I liked the small description you gave below. Beautiful!

  24. Beautiful poem. I felt I was working on something. The part where you've written smudge, swirl, blot is my favorite. It provides rhythm and life to the poem.

  25. Awww it's hard for me to believe anybody can create such design at home which I see only in shops :-O
    Rocking capacity apnar :-)

  26. God has only blessedness for you in his savings.

  27. You made that? wow! that is beautiful!

  28. hi Panchali, you're so wonderful things, I like that and I could not do it so

  29. wow, you used to do batik!!! its such difficult and tedious process!!

  30. Hi!! A new follower stopped by your blog and post today. Nice to connect with you. Hope you will join me on Google Friend Connect too:)

  31. The best part was where you said about the instincts taking you on a flow without stopping. And hats off to your patience :-)

  32. Thanks EVERYONE for being here with your words of appreciation. I am truly grateful :)

  33. Talk about being multitalented! The bed cover is so friggin awesome!
    "fastened with powerful pins of my mind" Somehow I am stuck with this line Panchali Di. Art inspiring poetry, this is a huge example of it! Truly amazing :)


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