Sunday, September 01, 2013

Maggie's Child~

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The sound of the rain slapping against the window woke him up in the morning. Joseph peered out, the grey sky outside threw him in a spurt of anger once again. He rubbed the window-glass vigorously with his palm-it was yet, another pointless morning that was creeping up his sky. 

He rapped the curtains to free them of dust and dark-memories. His head was jammed with miserable mental accoutrements. But, now he was getting tired..he looked at the pile of baby-clothing. How remembered, how much he and his wife, Maggie waited for this baby. He winced. It’s painful to be reminded of dreams that came to nothing, he writhed.

He let the curtain drop, walked mindlessly in the corridor for a long time, and then, turned towards the baby. First time, he reached out, touched her hair, his fingers gently caressing her scalp...

'Being a father feels kinda strange,' he whispered to himself. Poor little girl, he thought scornfully.

He closed his eyes…Memories rushed by, like a current….

Those few hours in the labor room, were hopeful…uncertain…anxious…frightening, yet they were so aspiring, he recalled. Like a good and a dutiful husband, he assisted his wife till the end of the procedure. Maggie was tense, breathless and moaning as the belly was rippling with contractions. He was equally tense, but pretty darn brave.

Gradually, the baby’s head became visible... and in three more pushes, the baby emerged, and slid into the doctor’s waiting hands.  He was relieved... the triangle ultimately connected, so was immeasurably happy!!

The baby-girl cried out hard, her pinkish-blue skin started pinking up…the nurse placed the child onto Maggie’s breast and the proud father was exhilarated and swelling with pride…

And then something unexpected happened…suddenly Maggie’s face tightened, her eyes rolled back, her whole body started shaking; her mouth was foaming and making gurgling sounds. After a moment’s confusion, the nurse removed the baby, and wheeled Maggie into the ICU. 

Doctors said, it was a post-pregnancy seizure. Apparently, no one was prepared for this emergency.  Joseph was asked to leave the labor room. All the attention was on the mother now…

Joseph got worried, but like a fool, he was still dreaming; he didn't know it was a bog-  like a gorgeous tropical garden, loaded with dreams; just when he'll be ready to grab the fruit, he would slip, and will be in a mud up to his head!

He stood there for a minute, forgetting what he ought to do. Maggie looked quite critical; very quietly, he started walking out of the room. The baby’s little hands brushed his hand, and it made him stop, he stared at her, creased his brows and dismissed her from his mind. 

Maggie was declared dead, and the shock made him completely mad. He could no longer tolerate the baby...but, he did bring her home.

Cold. Dismissive. Patronizing…he remained. He employed a nanny, to look after the baby, during the day. And at night, he changed her, fed her …then lay sleepless beside her, trying to comprehend the shape of his future with a tiny new life.  

It was almost, after a month and a half, that things took a turn-the wings of fatherly-love were pulsing in flight.  Emotions resurfaced… and he finally realized, it was not the baby’s fault anyway.

He was now content to drift. 'Life is like a cocktail- a mix of both sweet and sour.’ he murmured.

He came into the baby's room with a smile on his face. He knew all too well that his daughter was an exact replica of her mother. 

The baby was wide awake. For the first time, he looked into her eyes. He was startled by both the darkness and the beauty of her eyes....they seemed familiar to him. They were dark brown, just like her father's…Spiritedly, he picked her up with joy.

'Oh, you are so lovely, my darling. Forgive me...', his voice dwindled into the air.

Joseph closed his eyes, feeling something drain out of him at the thought of his wife, being buried into the hot July's earth. He asked her also for forgiveness...

He named her daughter, July...

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  1. so scary...and sad....and hard...we had a hard birthing with my oldest...and wondered if we would lose him or...never have i been so devastated as i was that day...but all came out well...well written panchali

  2. very touching Di. the way you have woven the topic here ... such is it that it pins to our life in way or the other - sweet and sour. Missed blogaton this time but glad to be reading this! :)

  3. A heavy and meaningful tale .. Very well written

  4. As always, nice one Panchali di, sweet and sour :)...

  5. im so glad he accepted her back into his's like that... it dishes out sweet and sour in equal measures...

  6. Beautifully written as always. Nice work !!

  7. Beautifully written. Even I was wondering why would he punish the girl, but then he came to his senses.

    Really heart warming stuff!!!

    Read mine at Aashish - Sweet and Sour!!!

  8. Wonderfully woven tale! :)

  9. Panchali ji, you weave emotions beautifully as always. I'm glad the dad saw his daughter's sweetness in time. :)

  10. What a touching story Panchali! Beautifully weaved! The comparison of his feelings to falling in mud. Tears of joy to cry. Uff..this is something awesome. Keep writing for BAT!

    Someone is Special

  11. sad...!! but how can one so beautifully weave sadness?? awesome work dear...though its the first time i read you...I have one thing to tell have a great pen..!!

    Best Wishes..!

    Here's my entry for BAT
    Yamini Meduri

  12. Oh, Panchali, Your post is very nice.
    I love u always visit you and get to know the beauty of your posts.
    Greetings from Polish far.

  13. "another pointless morning that was creeping up his sky." Loved this tale, Panchali!!

  14. very touching story,well done

  15. Awww...that was such a sweet story.

  16. Sweet story :) I like happy endings.

  17. You are a great wordsmith, Panchali. Well written story with a socially desirable ending.

  18. You are a great wordsmith, Panchali. Well written story with a socially desirable ending.

  19. This is wonderful, descriptive writing. I really liked the opening.


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