Thursday, July 19, 2012

TAGGED-- For Eleven!

An online tag-game is always fun, so I thank my little friend  APALA for giving me a nudge to play along...The game is simple, one has to answer eleven questions. Let me warn you, Apala, my answers may turn out to be a tad too boring! ...



1. What is the first think that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Black'?

'Black' reminds me of a poem by Jibanananda Das-“ Banolata Sen…” 
This was composed in the year 1934.

"Banolata" is an emblem of feminine mystery, beauty and love.

চুল তার কবেকার অন্ধকার বিধিকার নিশা
মুখ তার স্রাবস্থির কারুকার্যঅতি দূর সমুদ্রের পর
তেমনি দেখেছি তারে অন্ধকারেবলেছে সে
'এতদিন কথাযে ছিলেন ?'
পাখির নীড়ের মতন চোখ তুলে
নাটোরের বনলতা সেন !

পৃথিবীর সব রং নিভে গেলে পান্ডুলিপি করে আয়োজন
থাকে শুধু অন্ধকারমখোমুখি বসিবার বনলতা সেন
(Literal translation from the net***)

Her hair was the dark night of Vidisha,
Her face the sculpture of Sravasti,
When I saw her in the shadow, she asked
Where have you been so long?’
 lifting her bird’s-nest eyes
Banalata Sen of Natore…
When all colors take leave from the world
Except for the flicker of the hovering fireflies
The manuscript is ready with tales to be told…

2. Who is the most important person in your life and why?

Tricky one!! I guess at this stage of my life—it is my husband. I need him for all kinds of comfort and security. But, my daughter (who is married) is equally important in my life…My day begins with her telephone call!!! Sometimes her small gestures force me to think the treasure trove I’ve gathered in life---aah! it is priceless!
Then, my son-in-law— he is a son---though not born, out of me…
.And, arghh.. Vijay, my man Friday—Life without him is hell! I think, he is also very very important: D
Then, my readers…how will I survive if they stop reading me!!!
Ah, the list is endless…..

3. What is/will be your expectation from a relationship with your partner? 

He has to promise me that he'll sing along this beautiful song on our every Wedding Anniversary, and perhaps have a sprightly dance also in a quicker tempo: P Auld Lang Syne--a Scottish song symbolizes a new beginning; it calls to remember a long-standing friendship.... 

4. If you had not been in the profession that you are in today, what would have chosen and why?
I would sit for Civil Services Exam. Why? Power man...power! 

5. Name something that you do when you are alone and wouldn't do when you are with people.
I talk to my plants. I also talk to God to rebel against our stifling hierarchy! 

6. One crazy thing that you have done in life.
Incessant chatter when Apollo doctors were performing Emergency Angioplasty in my hour of life and death …those mindless jabbering still make my cardiologist laugh! 

7. What are you afraid of?
Being alone…

8. Any regrets, however big or small it maybe?
There are times when I truly wish I had a beautiful hour-glass like figure :D 

9. What would you do if you had a million dollars?
I’d go around the world with my friendssssssss and familyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 

10. Would you rather have the power to become invisible or the power to read minds? Why?
I can read minds…!! But, would love to have the power to become invisible…!!Gawd, it’s all because of my stupid memory….!!! It puts me into so much embarrassment at times...

11. A favourite quote.

 “Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh?" he whispered.
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's hand. "I just wanted to be sure of you.”
― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Poo

I am not tagging anyone. I am sure everyone has been taken already!!! 


  1. Panchali Di.....!!! lovely lovely answers! i loved reading through it! and am so glad you accepted the tag! thanks!

  2. Much obliged, Apala...pleasure was mine :)))

  3. ooh so sweet,, such candid anwers...describes the lovely person u r ...:)
    Have a great and a happy POWERFUL life.."power man power"...really liked that ..:)

    1. Thank you so much for your adorable comment, care and good wishes, Saikat. :))
      So good to have you here always! Please do visit again:)

  4. Sweet answers... Enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you, Meoww for your sweet comment :))Do visit again!

  5. How on earth did you manage to chatter during your angioplasty di? Tomake aro ektu cultivate korte hochhe madam... ;)

    1. Sudeshna,

      Oh, you are in your senses and u r allowed to talk and ask questions when the stenting procedure is on...I saw my HEART that day and the surrounding coronary arteries !! And suddenly my mind was replete with glittering metaphors and allusions..:P
      I thoroughly enjoyed this stimulating experience after the pain n tightness eased :D :D
      Sotti...aaj o daktar-babu hanshen :D
      Thanks so much, sweetheart:)

  6. Auld Lang Syne! Beautiful song. Love the tune.

    Nice answers.

    1. Thank you, Indiawilds!'s an all-time fave song for me:))
      Happy you enjoyed!Thanks...

  7. Lovely candid sweet answers, loved knowing a bit more about you :). And Auld Lang Syne is one of my favorites too, I had sung it in my 10th std. farewell at school. :)

    1. Thanks Arti, for your wonderful words of appreciation. Yes, the lyrics of Auld Lang Song is truly promising. I remember singing this song as a girl's guide. In Spain, people sing this on New Year's eve...:) I just love the lyrics...
      Thanks so much for being here!

  8. Such nice answers! You actually chatted with your cardiologists? Was it to cover your own nervousness? :).

    1. Rachna,
      Thanks for coming by...:)) Yes, I talked and talked, and then, they had to give me a jab to put me in a light sleep... LOL
      I also think, it was all due to nervousness..
      Good to see you always!

  9. The last lines on Pooh made me smile .. ah blesss.. Just checking

    beautiful answers :)


    1. Bikram,

      I am glad you didn't call me incorrigible :P ...I am also pleased that you enjoyed the quote. I love it:)))
      Your words are immense encouragement. Thank you:)

  10. Oh, I am sneaking out *quitely*
    Tag game is on here too :(
    Small world, right..!

    Enjoyed your answers :)

    1. Ghaz...Hit it off...! If you haven't done it already..? :)))Consider yourself TAGGED ! Dare not escape....:))) xoxo/ thanks!

  11. Loved your answers Panchaliji, my smile simply got wider and wider with each answer.

    Glad to know you :)

  12. Thanks ME !!! Good to have you come and read this! Would love to see you more on these pages....:)))

  13. First of all -- very, pretty template. I love fall colours.

    What? You were chattering away during your angioplasty? :D. Now, I'm wondering what you were talking about it then. You should write about it sometime.

    Aww... Looks like you have a beautiful family. Your adoration for them clearly shows. :)

    1. Divya...Personally this is my favorite season too. There is a lot to like about fall. I think the changing colors of the leaves....though we don’t get as many seasonal changes here as in the East and the Midwest, and then the, it’s hard to pick just one thing!!!

      Well, you have given me a great idea..Some day i will share the story of my heart :)))

      Yes...most of us ARE blessed with God's grace, divya.Isn't it? As a key to my present.. which unlocks the door to my future. There is nothing to fear surely...? :))) Touch wood!
      Thanks a million!!xoxo

    2. So cool. I'm waiting to hear that story. :)

      And because you like Fall, here's something you might like

      Happy Weekend. :)

    3. Thank you, Divya! You made my day!
      I saved one of those picture on my laptop...Glorious fall foliage is awe-inspiring and blissful....:D
      Oh, so this was 'the surprise'---a lovely one indeed !! xoxo


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