Thursday, April 19, 2012


To prey

I open my whole self

To earth

To sky

To sun

To moon

Like an eagle

I circle in rounds

Nudge hearts like little worms

Wriggle, delve into them


Mingle with

another kohled


Set of luscious eyes

With no words

No sounds

Drench myself


Whirlpool of love

As I set love, ablaze

Loneliness undulates

Boredom ends

Ecstasy shimmers

Like dancing fireflies

Flickerng fire of love

I fly and dance

I suckle the wind

I lay in love, and

My impression begins

Small scenes


Tiny gold moons

into my skin; but...

Something snaps inside me

Reasons fill my cavities

The wisdom ruins the spell

Holds me still...


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