Thursday, December 05, 2013

I Love Hubby with Stubble~

'Throughout history, beards have conferred prestige and gravitas'..
Someone is Special tagged me to participate in P A S S. BLOGADDA contest-- Protest Against Smelly Stubble. But, who says, men with their unkempt look do not look presentable...? In my case, my husband's tough beard bowled me over....So, I have to speak against the motion….
I am one woman, who has never felt burdened with men sporting facial hair. I don’t like clean-shaven men- with no manliness, aggression, roughness on their faces. Be it a sexy stubble, a flamboyant goatee or full beard facial hair,if maintained properly, can be a fashion statement, it can also give an insight into a man’s character; define a person. 

 Needless to say, I married my man thirty five years back, he still sports a ‘kabir-bedi style beard’. And now, that he's growing old and distinguished, those sprinkles of grey and white are adding more to his masculinity.

'Stubble smell' sounds weird to me...Today, I wonder, how come I never inhaled something as bad as this...!!! Well, yes...when hubby was smoking 60 cigs a day- his whole body used reek of tobacco, including his beard...but, it never felt as lousy as people talking about it now, snuffling into handkerchiefs. 

After our marriage, it took me just a few days to condition my olfactory nerves. Ah, association of smell and memories transport me back to our golden past...when life was beaming with good health, vibrant with constant activities, and unmindful of the tough rigmaroles .

As Wordsworth would put it:" with the thirty five summers and thirty five winters',-the journey so far with my bearded man,  has been mind-boggling and ambivalent.  His beard still doesn't stink...I think, a man must maintain proper hygiene, use soap, shampoos and colognes liberally on his bearded face.

So….Beards rule--yeah!!Hands down, men look great with beards!



  1. Ah! What a post Panchali. Yesh, Beards rule, men look great with beards!

  2. what a great post Panchaliji. and I am being tagged here as part of the contest. thanks.

  3. literary flavor all over...a fantastic write up as usual...and thank you Panchalidi for tagging me here.....

  4. I'm with you, kiddo. I LOVE beards, always have.

  5. Nice and forceful points against the motion. Thanks for tagging me.

  6. A voice of dissent makes it all wholesome--no?

  7. ohh what a superb post and I'm sure this words would be reverberating in your husbands ears and he would be beaming with pride :)

  8. I Loved this post. I hate Gillette idea of promoting hatred for bearded men just for their marketing....I have seen this kind of campaign for Gillette earlier, and this is just addition to that...I have started hating hating Gillette..

  9. Aww...such a lovely cute post. I never disliked men with stubble or beards :) I think as a south Indian, it is very common for us. :) Hubby is beard free and moustache free...I ask him to grow a frenchie, but he won't :( And who said stubbles smell...crack pots..

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    1. Loved your post!
      Clean shaven or stubble or beard, men are always men in their look :)
      PS: My previous comment was removed due to typos

  11. very cute post! I so agree with you :) :)

  12. Very interesting post Panchali :) Fun read indeed...

    All the best for the contest

    I have tagged you in my post here

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