Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thanks For The Leibster Award

Liebster Award - times six! Wow!! :-)

Sorry about the delay, folks.The acceptance of the Liebster award comes with several steps, and it takes a long time to complete the process...(viz, filling up questionnaires, looking for nominees etc). So, it's taken a while to complete this exercise. 

I would like to thank the following bloggers who have nominated me for this Leibster Award. In the past two months, I received six awards---This is UN-BE-LIEV-AB-LE!! Thank you .. Seriously, I feel like an actress being showered with Oscars!!! Just the beautiful evening gown is missing...:D:D  

Thank you, Anjan Roy ; Deepak KripalMedha KapoorTanyaKaran Shah; and Matheikal....I am humbled, happy and thankful! And I feel blessed to find myself in a community of such awesome bloggers.. Friends, I wanted to do a separate post for each one of you-- but the awards started pouring so fast, that I lost track.... However, the imminent fear of disqualification was always in the back of my mind. So, what eventually resulted from the fear is the systematic arrangement of facts---please hear me!

The Liebster Award is one lovely award that allows bloggers to give recognition to each other and encourage them to continue blogging. To qualify for this award, one has to follow some rules...

Acknowledge the nominating blogger, and link back to their blog.
1) Tell 11 random facts about yourself.
2) List 11 bloggers who have 200 followers or less and you believe deserve a little recognition and encouragement to continue.
3) Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer.
4) Go to the pages of the bloggers you have nominated and inform them personally.
5) Give 11 questions to them to answer.

Well, I have played this tag earlier. Here's the link.. A Gift . 
Am copy-pasting 11 facts about me from the earlier post.
About me:
1. A cordon bleu cook...
2. I enjoy listening to Indian Classical Music
3. An avid reader...
4. A Satyajit Ray Fan...
5. I enjoy blogging, networking, socializing...
6. I am fond of gardening and have many varieties of phylodendrons, ferns and palms. I am trying to grow bonsai plants.
7. I am dying to become a grandma...soon, very soon. Hope  God is lietening:))
8. A hard-core animal lover. Love all the species♥
9. A coffee addict..stronger the better. Gimme that double-shot of espresso :D
10. Saris are what I go crazy over. Handcrafted, hand woven, cotton, tussar and silk are my weakness. I love swathing myself in the six-yards pizzazz..:))

The next step is harder---answering 11x6=66  questions!! Gawd, it is going to be taxing for my readers too. So, I'm taking two questions from each one of you and answering 12 questions in total! 

Anjan Roy asks:
1.One thing about your personality that you hate the most?
I totally love myself and I am finally content ..:P
2. If you were born again what would you want to be?
May be, I'll have a  even better version of ME !! :P
Deepak asks:
3. First thing you will do if you become God for one day?
The world is filled with war, terrorism, turmoil and confusion. First thing would be to bring peace on earth.
4. Can love happen more than once?
I think...only once!
Medha asks:'

1.What are you most afraid of?

Big black hairy spiders...
2.What is your favorite genre when it comes to blogging?
I absolutely love fantasy..
Tanya asks:
1 Which book are you reading now?
Michael ONDAATJE'S Anil's Ghost.
2. Love marriage or arranged marriage?
Arranged marriage...
Karan Shah:
1. What made you start your blog?
2. The best compliment you have got till date?..
'You're beautiful inside-out, Maa'--said my daughter :)
Matheikal asks:
1. The holiday destination of your dream?
Trip to Egypt..
2.The most important quality you would expect in your best friend?
 Loyalty is one of the most important character traits desired in a best friend. It is the precursor to all other qualities you hope your good friend would have...

Now for my nominees for the Liebster Award, presuming I haven’t underestimated their follower count. Their sites are worthy of gracious attention! Please go,  have a look at their blogs and consider making your own Liebster Blog Award nominations....

6. Akila G

If you want to play along, here are my eleven questions!!
1. Are you a morning person or night owl?
2.  . What is your favorite genre of music?
3. What is your favorite hobby?
4. Do you own any pets? If so, what kinds?
5.  . How do you motivate yourself to exercise?
6. If you could move to any other city in the world, where would it be?
7. Something you learned recently...
8. What is your favorite season of the year?
9. What was your favorite childhood toy..?
10. Why did you start a blog?
11. Which electronic device you cannot live without...?


  1. This is unimaginable, let me pinch myself:P Leibster nomination from my most admired writer!

    Thank you so much,ma'am. I am no where even closer to deserve that but you kept me in your thoughts is itself an award.

    I can't thank enough!!

    1. Awww...congrats, sweetheart. You so deserve the honor.. there is something so authentic & genuine about you & your blog!!!
      The pleasure is mine :)

  2. Road Panchali!!!!
    From the heart, I congratulate received awards: Liebster Award !!!
    Your blog is great and deserves all the awards in the world!

    I send greetings from distant Polish.

    1. Maria...Thanks a lot, my friend. You were in my mind...but, I know your follower count is much much over 200! Thanks so much for your wishes.
      Greetings from India. Lots of love,

  3. You are a champ Panchali Mam. Your writing will garner many more fans to you, like me and Meenakshi. It is an absolute pleasure knowing you.

    CONGRATULATIONS.. Without a doubt, many more to come.. CHEERS..

    1. Deepak, Thanks for such a warm comment!! I am absolutely gratified.
      I was not surprised that you were chosen, I enjoy visiting your blog immensely! Congratulations once again, I am sure,....some more awards are coming your way too...Amen!!

  4. Awesome!!!!So many nominations!!!You certainly rock Panchali.
    I like this statement of yours that you are totally satisfied with yourself -very few people can say that.And your daughter told THE truth when she said that!!!

    1. Indu...So WONDERFUL to read your warm comment. The EXCITEMENT and the magical BONDING that we share here is incredible...!!!!! Your comment shows that :)Thanks for the congrats... it feels good when you say it. :))))
      Recently, you also got one I remember---congrats on an honor well deserved.Thanks:))

  5. You are brighter than my brightest expectation!!You are brilliant. . Never in my dreams could i think of being a nominee for such a prestigious award.I am nervous that I come upto your assessment to be nominanated for the award.Thank you ,thank you and thank you for keeping me in your mind while nominating my name. Whether I get the award or not, I already feel blessed.

    1. Usha, Congratulations!!
      I am so incredibly happy for you and can I say proud of you? You are so deserving of this award.

      Thank you for such a adorable comment.. though somehow thanks seems a very small word. Still, you know what I mean I am sure...:)))

  6. Panchali mam...you were worried about 6 nominations...i am sure with the days to come you will get many more nominations...

    Your articles are like inspiration to any blogger...and am not any exception to that list. I believe there are many more bloggers who would say the same thing...your article deserves a gold medal for blogging.

    1. Oh I'm celebrating with you, Anjan!You gave me a reason to celebrate...thank you so much!!Lots of awards coming your way too...? I am so sure:)

  7. :D Thanks! Di!!... will follow suit!!! :) wowie!!!!!!!so happy to be a recipient from one of my favs!!!! :D


    1. Congratulations on your win, Akila!!I'm so happy for you....a well deserved win!!:))
      I am waiting to read your post now..:D:D

  8. Ma'am, thank you so so so much. I consider it my honour and privilege to be nominated by you. I've been an ardent admirer of your work, and to receive such recognition from you is priceless.

    In addition to being considered by you, I have been mentioned in the same list as such prolific writers as Meenakshi Malhotra, Usha Ma'am and Eashwer Sir... I am swooning in an equal mixture of delight and humility.

    I'm thankful for this opportunity to get to know more about you -

    A crodon bleu cook - Highly impressive, especially to a mediocre-at-best cook like myself..

    Dying to become a grandmother - You remind me soo much of my mother-in-law... she's given up throwing casual hints and is making pretty pointed requests now! :D

    Trying to grow Bonsai plants - It takes delicacy and nurturing, both of which reflect in your poetry, so I'm sure it will be a great success.

    Again, thank you so much Ma'am... this is a great honour and the biggest compliment that a blogger can receive.

    1. Mixi..Congo..Congo, my dearest. I am so happy and immensely proud of you! It's wonderful to get compliments from someone you admire...:)))
      Well, you read the page very well. You gurls are so much alike. Grrr...
      I guess, I shall soon start giving her straight forward pointers with a dead pan face. heee heee...
      Naughty...naughty girl!

  9. Oh Mam, you are sooo cute! Yeah for sure, you are very pretty. My mother knows you, as I told that there's such a sweet bengali lady that hosts a blog & she writes awesome stuff. AN inspiration to many your style is super cool ! :) Really loved going past this lovely post! :) Take care :)

    1. awww, thanks Tanya for your kind words! Are you a Bengali? Bring your Mom over here---so that, we can have a pardy!:D:D
      Thanks for stopping by....

  10. Replies
    1. Michaela...You know, the accepted phobia name for this condition is Arachnephobia!! thanks:))

  11. The charisma of your personality is aptly reflected in your writings..
    One thing in common- Gardening refreshes my soul too..I love to have beds of colorful flowers -Dahlias,poppy,calendula,roses and many more..
    Whoa!!UNBELIEVABLE ...rubbing my eyes to know if it's(my name in the list of nominees) actually there..I can't thank you enough for this..
    I too fall in the list of your ardent admirers.
    truly honored and privileged to be recognized and appreciated by you..
    Along with you ,two of the exuberant bloggers, Anjan and Reshma considered my writings worthy of this award too.I am gratified and overjoyed..
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the recognition..I am blessed.

    1. Odyzz...Congrats on a well deserved award!!!!!!!!
      I am so glad that I follow your blog and had the opportunity to nominate your blog for this award. You are ne incredible writer, sweetheart.
      The pleasure is mine...completely :))

  12. ''You're beautiful inside-out, Maa'--said my daughter :)"

    Wow, that is the most beautiful thing ever :)

    Congrats Panchali Ji, looking forward to more posts from you.

    1. Medha...Thank you for your wishes and comment. Yes, my dotty said that and I had to take a strong tranquilizer to tame my emotions..ROFL...
      Thanks re...

  13. Congrats.....may you get 6000+ more! Best Wishes and keep writing awesome stuff :-)

    1. Awwww...thank you, Nandini.. good to see you here... :))

  14. Good to know about you... the compliment is simply wonderful...
    Congrats for the 6th one.

    1. Thanks a bunch...my dear. Yes, daughters are always beautiful: so are you!! :)Thanks so much!

  15. Wow...good to know so many things about you..But you know, I could already understand few of them like, you like saris, pets, plants, books :)You are a beautiful lady, Panchali di.

    1. Awe...I feel as if I've been visited by Santa Claus... :))))))xoxo

      Thanks a ton, FIF :))

  16. Congrats.. of all the people you deserve every bit for an award.. the way you portray yourself thru your writing, am awed.. plus its so nice to know many things about you.. and whoa.. am really blessed that my blog is one among your favorites. wow.. am so so happy and big hugs to you :-) Thanks very much. !

    1. Congratulations, little rat...frankly you deserve much more!!

      So much told in so little words...I'm touched!! I don't think I can ever be THIS good ...God bless you, sweetheart. xoxo

  17. Congrats and hats off to you Panchali. Great game of patience and involvement. Don't drop in here very often. may be I should.

    Win more laugh louder. All the best.

    1. Dr Madhvi...Where did you disappear..??I wanted to give you one as well...please start circulating here...please! You are such a prolific writer..!!Thanks a lot!!!

  18. congratulations panchali ma'm ! nice to know more about you :) . i am also preparing a post thanking my liebster awards . i guess i might go with your idea of answering a couple of questions from each person . that seems more plausible . grant me permission ? :) keep churning out more of your brilliant works ma'm . you have a faithful and dedicated reader in me :)

    1. Maliny, Thanks so much for your sweet words :)) I know, you have to go thru this exercise...go ahead, answering a few questions would help the readers as well :P
      Thanks baby. Good to see you here... :))))

  19. Congrats mam :) Ans thank you very much for the award to me :) This is my first one and I am happy :)

    1. Harikrishna..Congratulations. You deserve much more..this is just a small token of love :) Thanks for coming by...

  20. A big congrats ma'am for garnering so many Liebsters :)

    WEll!!! I'm here to tell you that my cops have found Raj. Here is the link for you to calm the rest of your anxiety.


    An earnest request, Can I call you (online) Maa?? Your posts, your words, your thoughts have simply bonded me with you.I look forward to receive all these in your blessings.

    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles. :)

    1. Surabhi...Read Raj's case and am relieved. Hope they live happily ever after!:D
      Thanks for the sequel...Nice ones dotty...for this effort you definitely deserve a reward. Am handing over a due slip for the time being :D
      I do love your writing style...Terrific!! :)))) and yes it inspires me no end. :))
      Hope to see you more often on these pages. Maa~

  21. thank you so much for such a wonderful and kind gesture :)

    1. Karan..So good to see you here...always :) In fact, I should be thanking you!! My pleasure, my dear.

  22. कभी कभी आपको खुद की प्रतिभा पर ही शक होने लगता है की आप इस प्यार के सच में काबिल है या नहीं, मै अभी तक यही सोच रहा हूँ की मै इस सम्मान के काबिल खुद को समजू भी या नहीं, आप के प्यार और सम्मान का मै तहेदिल से शुक्रगुजार हूँ, आपने जिन भी लोगो को यहाँ पर nominate करा है, सभी एक से बढ़कर एक है,
    धन्यवाद् From The Worthwhile Job

    1. Lucky!! I am what I was always... still aspiring to be a writer. No change there.... Right? So, never underestimate yourself.... You have really got into the spirit... :))
      Very happy to see you here... AND to see a comment... :)))) Hearty Congratulations...

  23. Wow...congratulations :)

    Loved knowing you more through these answers.

    1. ME!! Good to see you after ages. Where have you been..? Stay in touch, my dear. And thanks soooo much :)))

  24. Hii Maa
    I'm here to send the first invitation of my first party to you. Please do come and bring your friends and family too :)

    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. Had a whale of a time in your party!♥♥ Thanks!!

  25. Congratulations!! I must say I totally identify with all the 10 facts that you have about yourself!! AND, I hate big, hairy spiders!!

    1. Oh, good to know that we are so much alike!!!! Twin-sisters?? errr..a little sis ♥
      Thanks a lot, Roshni!((hugz))

  26. wow! congrats! u deserve every bit of this and more!


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